Dream Destinations Part 1

When I was growing up, my parents were not the adventurous type. My father was a farmer and my mom worked at a daycare. We really had no time, or money, to travel anywhere. To this day, I have never been on an airplane. With all that time not traveling, I had the time to dream about all the places that I wanted to go to, and have listed my top six dream travel destinations, which will be presented as a three part series.

Image result for barcelonaBarcelona, Spain

I will be honest. The main reason why I want to go to Barcelona is because that’s where The Cheetah Girls 2 was filmed! Thinking of them dancing in the street to “strut” with the spanish guitar player brings back so many childhood memories. I now see how beautiful and colorful Barcelona is, which is very exciting to me. I love color and I love new culture.

Image result for venice italy

Venice, Italy

This could possibly be at the top of my list. The gondolas, the music, and THE FOOD! This is the kind of place I can only see in my dreams, almost like it’s impossible for it to be real. Yet, here it is in all its beauty. Even my boyfriend dreams of us coming here together one day. Italy is always a place I’ve been so curious of. Because it’s a very popular place for people to want to travel to, I’ve heard about it a lot. I hear about how dreamy this place is, (and the food of course, can’t forget the food.) and I just want to experience it for myself. Just to make sure that it really is as breathtaking as it looks.


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