A Snow Day!

Princeton, my teddy bear pup, and I woke up to a little bit of snow this morning, which he loves! However, the wind, he is not a big fan of.


These beautiful gloves were via my boyfriend’s family!

Princeton loves to stick his little face in the snow no matter how much sticks to him and how cold it is. He will literally run out the door, over to the snow, and just lay his chin in it.IMG_0699[1]

My little baby is a teddy bear which is a mix breed between a bichon and a shih-tzu. He has his thick winter fur on to keep him nice and toasty. He does, however, need a little trim so he can see better and his little eyebrows aren’t covering his eyes.IMG_0657[1]

When I saw his paw prints in the snow, I had no choice but to capture it.

Happy Snow Day everyone! And if it isn’t snowing where you are, then Happy Thursday!

Tomorrow’s Friday, you can make it I promise!